Year of Glass 2022

United Nations approves 2022 as the International Year of Glass. (EN/CZ)

The International Commission on Glass (ICG), the Community of Glass Associations (CGA) and ICOM-Glass are promoting 2022 as a International Year of Glass to underline its scientific, economic and cultural roles and celebrate several anniversaries. Glass supports many vital technologies, facilitates sustainability and a green world and enriches our lives, yet often goes unnoticed.

Today begins the task of diffusion and coordination of thousands of activities across the planet: congresses and seminars, industrial fairs and glass schools will coexist with artistic exhibitions, books, social media, scientific, technical and general interest magazines. Event planning will rely on grass roots input and a network of volunteers; delegation will be indispensable. National organizations will focus on advertising, sharing best practice and providing a supportive environment. A Steering Committee, based on representatives who can coordinate effectively with national institutions, will promote the best ideas and multiply their impact.

The internet, underpinned by glass fibre cables, and viewed through glass screens will support communication. We are designing a framework to record, develop and share ideas across the glass world based on our web site ( and a LinkedIn group International Year of Glass 2022 exists.

Currently agreed are an Opening Conference in Geneva, an ICG Congress in Berlin, the Glass Expo in China with satellite events, plus Art/History Congresses in Egypt, the US and Europe. Dedicated issues of international journals will be printed, exhibitions are planned in museums, public and private glass collections, and educational materials are being prepared for universal dissemination.

The Spanish Research Council, CSIC, is committed to publishing a celebratory book and organizing exhibitions on: a) IYOG objectives and b) creating a Circular Economy based on recycling and glass containers. English and Spanish versions of exhibition materials will be offered to all supporting countries with translation possible.

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