The industry of glass, ceramics a china belongs to traditional industrial branches in the Czech Republic. The producers, businessmen, research and development institutes and specialised schools within the branch established the Association of the Glass and Ceramic Industry in 1990 to deal with their interests.

To May 31st, 2012 there are 45 members within the Association.

The main activities of the Association are intent in particular on:

  • support, assertion and pleading the interests and demands to the state executive authorities within the framework of the Confederacy of Industry of the Czech Republic,
  • organising members’ collaboration on working common problems,
  • rational exploitation of domestic raw materials resources,
  • establishing a database for strategic decision of its members,
  • searching for foreign partners activity,
  • co-ordination of research and development within the glass and ceramic industry in collaboration with specialised schools,
  • specialised and finance support of publishing special literature and journals,
  • arrangement for collective negotiation with an authorised trade union and concluding collective agreements of a higher level.