Ústav skla a keramiky Vysoké školy chemicko-technologické v Praze

Department of Glass and Ceramics at the Institute of Chemical Technology Prague offers both the MSc and PhD programmes in Chemistry and Technology of Inorganic Materials.

Research concerns in particular:

Development of new types of glass and ceramics (biomaterials, construction ceramics, glasses for waste immobilization, lead and lead-free crystal glass and fast ion conducting glasses);
Reactivity and evaporation of silicate melts;
Physical and mathematical modelling of glass melting furnaces and processes, optimisation of batch composition and refining processes;
Chemical durability of glasses, mathematical modelling of glass corrosion;
Refractory fibrous composites with a cement binder;
Alkali activated inorganic binders
High-strength gypsum-free cements for refractory purposes;
Transport and colloid-chemical phenomena in ceramic technologies;
New applications of electron microscopy and micro-analytical methods for the characterization and analysis of inorganic materials and solid surfaces.


Technická 5/5
16000 Praha