Sklopísek Střeleč, akciová společnost

SKLOPÍSEK STŘELEČ, JOINT STOCK COMPANY - produces high quality glass, foundry, technical and filtration sands, by the wet or dry treatment, fine milled silica flour and siliceous clays

The area at Střeleč represents the largest deposit of prime quality glass sand within the Czech Republic. It is located 10 kilometres to the northwest of Jičín, at the communities of Střeleč, Mladějov and Újezd pod Troskami.

The deposit is extracted by the opencast mining in the quarry, at working faces of the thickness from 3 up to 15 meters, with use of mining machineries. The extraction is being carried out selectively. After extraction, silica sands are treated, washed and classified by their granularity. The production is quite ecological. The sand treatment is being carried out by classification in water and by gravity or magnetic, no chemical agents are being used.

A part of treated sand is used as raw material for grinding in a special mill. Micro-milled sands are produced by grinding in ironless media and by separation with use of air separators. The final product is exclusive material for production of glass , glazes, etc.

SKLOPÍSEK STŘELEČ, A.S. sells silica sand of high purity as a raw material for the production of crystal, container and flat glass and glass. The sand from Střeleč can also be used in a wide sphere of use in the foundry and automobile industries, as well as for production of glaze and enamels. The chemical purity and particle size distribution of the sand is appreciated in other industrial sectors such as the electrical, rubber, construction industries, in water treatment and in the building industry.


Hrdoňovice 80
507 45 Újezd pod Troskami