Provodínské písky, a. s.

Quartz sands from the area of Provodín have been extracted since 1913. Our company continues the tradition of "Prvni severocesky zavod na vyrobu sklarskych pisku a piskovcovych cihel Wilhelm Schulz".

After 1946, the company traded under the name of "Severoceské piskovny" but was changed several times. In 1992, the company was transformed into a joint-stock company named "Provodínské písky, a.s.", and has become a member of the Quarzwerke Group.

Our high quality glass sands are traditionally used in the glass industry, in foundries, in the building industry and many other industrial branches. In addition to our own products, we also offer a wide range of products from our parent company Quarzwerke GmbH. This range, however, is now extended by incorporating a wide variety of quartz sands from our subsidiary, Kerkosand spol. s r.o. in Šajdikove Humence, as well as silica flour from Minorit s r.o. in Teplice, another of our subsidiaries.

At present the sands are extracted in three open cast quarries close to Provodin. Due to the nature of the sandstone, blasting is necessary to loosen the rock. The loosened rock is then passed through a two-stage crusher and transported by conveyor belts to an intermediate storage area, from where it is taken for further processing. For the production of high quality sands for glassmaking, filtration and foundry use, multistage mechanical and hydraulic classifiers are used. Process water is treated before discharge, and sediments from treatment are concentrated by pressing. The treated sands are despatched as wet sand or are dried in fluid bed dryers and packed as required.

Glass sands from Provodin are sorted and standardized products as for their chemical and physical attributes. They are used in glass making industry for manufacturing of flat and hollow glass, in chemical industry as a raw material and in other industries as well. Glass sands from Provodín are extremely pure. The content of Si02 goes over 98%. All silica sands produced are delivered in wet or dry condition, bulk to be loaded on trucks or wagons. Dry sands may be packed, if agreed with customer.


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