EUTIT, s.r.o.

The firm EUTIT- Cast Basalt and Eucor Works is the only one producer of the basalt products in the Czech Republic and the only one producer of the interior paving in the world and at the same time the producer of highly wear resistant and fireproof material - eucor. The assortment of the basalt products has the multilateral application. For the industrial purposes there are above all the wear resistant pipelines lined by basalt or eucor determined for the pneumatic and hydraulic transport of the abrasive materials. The considerable part of products is then determined as the protection of the technological equipment against the abrasion and chemical influences. The products from eucor are then used at high temperatures. In the building industry there are used the basalt paving for industrial floors in the hardest operations of the metallurgical and engineering production, chemical, food-processing, textile and even agricultural plants. The quality control system is according to the standards ČSN EN ISO 9001 : 2008.


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