Crystalex is the largest Czech producer of drinkware. 
The best known traditional suites are Angela and Claudia. Naturally, the traditional offer of Crystalex is much more extensive; owing to that, the company has satisfied an ample spectrum of its customers. Just to name here a few, but best-known series: Diana, Julia, Lara, Natalie, Maxima, Vintage, Vicenza, Bastia, Barline, Ideal, or Gina. This number includes classic and modern, age-old and late series however, all of them are successful.

Crystalex is exceptionally successful also in the field of decorating. The offer of decorative techniques is really ample: pantograph, engraving, painting, screen printing, decals, sandblasting, spraying ... and, naturally, combinations of above techniques.

The major part of Crystalex production is sold bearing the trademark Bohemia Crystal 
to more than 60 countries of the whole world.


Bedřicha Egermanna 634
473 01 Nový Bor