AGC Flat Glass Czech a.s., a member of AGC Group, is the central unit for Central and Eastern Europe, and is a part of AGC Group, the largest producer of flat glass for building, automotive, and solar industries, as well as for specialized industries. AGC Flat Glass Czech manages not only production plants in the Czech Republic, but also the agencies in Central and Eastern Europe (regional representatives), and a production-distribution network in the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Poland.

It has been 20 years since AGC Flat Glass Czech started to offer the widest range of top-quality products through its 15 production-distribution companies. The products are in a process of continuous improvement e.g. insulating glazings, which can meet a number of requirements besides their basic function of thermal insulation, silk-screen printed glasses, glasses with LED, laminated glasses, thermally toughened or heat-strengthened glasses, bent glasses, fire-resistant glasses, etc. These products respect the topical fashion trends in architecture and interior design, and meet requirements of the most choosy customers and users.

In recent years, AGC has given a lot of care to the environment when launching new products it tries to extend the range of energy-saving products. AGC company as the only glass company in Europe - is a holder of "Cradle to Cradle" certification for its float glasses and products with soft coatings, which is respected by LEED certification. This type of certificate assesses the impact of a product on the environment over their entire life cycle, so it was necessary to adopt a new way to design the product, and to manage the company and the production process.


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